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Welcome to meaNEXUS !

meaNEXUS is an easy to use iPhone app that enables you to privately share directories . Whether they are lists of church members, work colleagues, social circles, class mates or any other organization, meaNEXUS is the easiest way of managing a list and sharing it with members of the group.

What is a NEXUS?

A NEXUS is a directory of a group of people that you might have a connection with and might want to know about or reach occasionally. Typically you would get a printed directory of this group, and you would never load all these contacts into your contact list on your phone. meaNEXUS allows you to create a NEXUS and access it from your phone whenever you need it. A NEXUS may also consist of any type of list that you want to share with others; a list of places of worship, lists of restaurants, lists of schools, etc..

10 Reasons why you should use meaNEXUS
1. Save on printing costs
2. Have all your directories easily accessible from an APP without saving every name into your contacts
3. Lists are no longer obsolete as soon as you print them
a. Admin can add, delete or change records easily
b. Individuals can update their record at any time
4. No need to worry about your lists getting into the wrong hands
a. No one can hand over a copy of your printed directory to marketers
b. No one can copy the list and give it to marketers
5. Have your directories handy wherever you are. They are no longer lying in a drawer in your home
6. The administrator decides what data elements are stored and displayed
7. Simple search functionality to let you quickly find names, addresses, phone numbers etc..
8. Forgetful? Have a quick way of reminding you names that slip your mind.
9. Send often called contacts to a 'Favorites' list
10. Click on phone numbers or email addresses to contact people on your list

Measures to ensure confidentiality of your directories
1. Only the NEXUS administrator knows when a group is created
2. Only those who receive the NEXUS ID and KEY CODE will be aware that a NEXUS exists
3. The meaNEXUS website or app does not publish groups that are stored within meaNEXUS
4. Even those who receive a NEXUS ID and KEY CODE for a PRIVATE NEXUS, can only access the NEXUS if their email id is contained in the NEXUS they are trying to access.
5. If the user has registered on meaNEXUS with one email and another email of theirs is contained in the NEXUS they are trying to access, the system will send them another KEY CODE to the email in the current NEXUS. This KEY CODE has to be entered into the app before they can access the new NEXUS.

Download our iPhone or iPad app
You can go to iTunes on your iPhone or iPad and search for the "meaNexus" app, you may click on the link below to get to the iTune page with the app or use the QRCode below:  Get meaNexus App
 meaNexus QRCode
Enjoy meaNEXUS and stay informed and connected!